Tuesday, June 24, 2003

General life update?

Career, love life, wealth, travel?

mmmmmmm yeh...

All are up in the air at the moment, well actually all are hitting me in the face and pretty hard at that (ok I'm really bad at analogies). I need to make some decisions, this isn't easy for indecisive me. All are interrelated and one thing is for sure i can't stay in the situation I'm in right now.

Travel seems really appealing right now. In fact I went to the Teach international TESOL course info session the other night and I am certainly interested in teaching English and the course looks good, the expense however is a major problem. Good to see that my psy degree means being able to teach in some countries where any degree is a requirement though.

Thankfully Scott and his fiancé Jessica have asked me to housesit for them for 10 days in early July, its in whoop whoop (translate: somewhere past the airport) and look after their cat. God bless them! This means time alone, time to think, almost a mini holiday with a quiet easy to please companion.

Did i mention i also applied for the unethical job (see earlier post), yes i know... But its probably too late and theres no harm applying, right?

I just found out that my old fall back on to call centre job wont give me any work. So i now have two weeks holidays well starting on Friday and no quick way of earning cash during that period. Ahhh i can't believe i was rejected by sr# callcentre.

On the plus side though i have my health, i wonder how long it will take for that to crash from all this stress.

Yes its definitely time to start taking my multivitamins.

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