Thursday, June 12, 2003

Ok this is relatively optimistic blog (considering the situation).

I'm glad that my body is so sensitive.

I used to hate it, and see it as a weakness. Well it is one way but in another way....

Just a little background info: I was once pretty sick, went to doctor to doctor, to specialist to specialist, put in hospital several times, and put on so many bloody drugs (of course I generallly reacted to them or they had no affect). Its no wonder I am so sceptical of doctors and just the medical profession in general. Anyhoo i eventually come across my not so orthodox doctor in camberwell who was the first to really investigate food and put me on an elimination diet, no sugar, wheat, yeast, dairy etc. And of course dairy was the cause of most of my health problems. Mind you if tested i don't come up with a lactose intolerance.

I've since discovered a lot more about the way in which my body reacts and what is good for it is and what isn't.

For quite some time Miss little sick all the time has become Miss no more sinus problems, ibs, major gastrophical problems (constant vomiting), no more feeling like crap half the time etc'. I honestly can't remember the last time i even had a cold. I claim that one towards my vegan diet however it could be just how much garlic i consume he he.

So when Miss i'm never sick anymore starts getting major pains in stomach i know somethings up, this time not food, not drugs (i'm not on any), i know that this time it is stress.
So i confront something i've been a little hetistant about and whatever the outcome i know its for the best. So thank you body for telling me that the way in which i'm handling a certain situation in not right, thank you for pushing me to face something.

Thank you!

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