Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Sell my soul?

Ok so I'm jobless, in a sense that i don't have a job that corresponds with my qualifications. Neither do many people by the sound of it. However, recently a job caught my attention which i think I would have a good chance at getting, its close, and more importantly it would allow me to get paid to finish off my probationary period.

The catch: it would mean doing work that I consider unethical.

So i didn't apply for it. Yes i will regret it each time i get paid less than i did at uni, each time that i have to struggle with money and living with my parents.

Overall though i think i made the right choice. Now i need to really focus on finding a job in my field that i don't have moral objections with, wish me luck people!

By the way, i realise your hoping for goss on the whole mr m saga but its not happening, well not yet anyway.

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