Sunday, June 01, 2003

How do get this lazy individual to start going back to the gym?

Push my buttons. Tell me that you think I'll struggle since I'm a vegan. So readers you are my witness to this dare. My male friend who also suggested that veganism is stupid has recently started going to the gym. Similar scenario to me he's tall, thin and pretty lazy. However, anyone who knows me knows that while I'm lazy I certainly don't lack energy I'm always jumping around, dancing, even skipping occasionally. So the dare is this: the first one to stop going to the gym on a regular visits (at least twice a week) owes the other one $50. Thank you friend of mine because that is exactly what i needed to inspire me to head back into the gym (that i'm currently paying memebership for), plus I could use the $50. Little does he know I was once a gym junkie or that some really great athletes of our time were veg*an (see here for a list of some) ha ha.

While on the topic of vegans, this blog has just been added to the Cool vegan site. Not sure how representative of the vegan community I am, but thank you all the same.

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