Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Peter Singer is my friend

You can add him to the list of individuals that you either love or hate but you certainly can't ignore his opinions. That is if you dare to read his confrontational writings, unfortunately most want. I admit it I was even worried because i knew that it would delve even deeper into a growing awareness that isn't exactly pretty. I of course love him for doing so, for exposing so much without getting overly emotional, for his great easy to read style of writing, and for so much more.

At the same time I must admit there is a small part of me which initially was annoyed by the rawness of his writing, the cold (almost scientific) manner in which he reports on such horrors, because his exposure of certain procedures made me cry (i don't think a book has ever make me cry), not to mention angry, particularly angry at the testing of animals for psychological purposes which I wasn't so aware of. Angry at myself for becoming a vegan for selfish health reasons initially. Angry at anyone who chooses veal at dinner, WHY would you support the "most morally repugnant" form of intensive farming still practiced???

I've tossed up with the idea of quoting sections of his book before concluding that it couldn't possibly give his work the true justice it deserves, so just go and ready the bloody book.

He inspires me to do more, just not sure what more is yet. Oh oh ...

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