Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Second post for the day (yes my life is that stimulating)

I have a million things to do on my night off from this crazy life of mine, but rather than focusing my efforts on that. I finally added links to my blog: ta- da. Something i've been planning on doing for a while (also notice '<' missing from top left hand corner). As well as post two obviously urgent and exciting entries.

At the moment there are only three links, i do wish to add more but i plan on being quite fastidious.

So I need either more friends to start blogs, or i need to keep searching for something i don't have too much problem linking to, any suggestions are welcome.

Also, i need to change the date colour (suggestions are also welcome for this) see here or here for colour codes if you want to provide specific suggestions re: colour.

While on the subject of my precious little webspace, i just want to add that while it was intended to be very light, at times i will tend to dabble with a little complaining (form of therapy), bad jokes, story telling, and well whatever I feel like babbling on about at the time.

Now go and add your comments about either the date colour or your fav blogs.

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