Monday, June 23, 2003

So now what you've been waiting to hear about:

Harry Potter. I picked up my copy on sat and only started reading it late last night. So far so good. I think its going to be a littler darker than the rest: the presence of the dementors so early on is a pretty good indicator as well as the talk of someone dying (I don't want to know who thank you very much!). Its been a while since my whole harry encounter and it feels a little like reading a letter from a friend whom i havn't heard from in a while. I read all the harry potter books one after another, so he was a pretty active part of my life for about 3 straight months, and to tell you the truth it was a little sad putting down the last one knowing that i wouldn't hear of harry (the movies don't count, they just don't do the books any true justice) for a little while.

I'm spent my first post mr m day in my pjs eating v.o cake for breakfast and its now 1.35pm yes what a productive day i'm having. I know your dying to know what the hell is happening with my love life but your just going to have to wait til i figure it out for myself.

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